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Ward Cunningham and the start of Wikipedia

Previously we talked about how Clan Cunningham may have played a hidden role in developing the first American electronic computer. Today we now highlight...

Sherlock Holmes and Clan Cunningham

Few in clan Cunningham know that our clan appeared in the very first Sherlock Holmes TV episode, which introduced Dr. John Watson as the...

Walt Cunningham Apollo 7 Astronaut

Though Armstrong was the first to step on the moon, Walt Cunningham flew the first manned Apollo mission

Admiral Sir Charles Cunningham – A Friend of Nelson

Here’s a question you don’t often hear. What is the connection between an arctic tree in Canada, the River Clyde in Scotland, the worst...

Computers in World War II – Leland Cunningham

The past can quickly be forgotten... It was 82 years ago, in the year 1940, that Leland Cunningham discovered Comet Cunningham. This comet is one...

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