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No. 89 Clan Cunningham, Macbeth and Duff Castle

In this quarter's Clan Communique we finally connect Clan Cunningham to the region surrounding Duff Castle. This study reveals that after Macbeth's death our...

No. 88 Stutteville: The Link Between the Morevilles, Clan Cunningham and the de Percys

For one thousand years Clan Cunningham has been described as the vessels of the de Morevilles. Today we uncover the true link. /*! elementor -...

No. 87 “Pope” Cunningham and a New Explanation for the Clan Cunningham’s Coat of Arms

Often we hear people say this changes everything, or this is a major breakthrough. In this case this article does change everything. Derek Cunningham...

Merry Christmas!

To all our visitors, we wish you all a very Merry Christmas, and may all your dreams come true.

No. 86 The Three Forgotten Earls of Glencairn

Is it possible that we missed three Earls of Glencairn? In this  month's communiqué we reanalyse the literature from the 15th to 18th centuries...

No. 85 The Forest that Walked: Till Byrnane Wood come to Dunsinane

In this review of Shakespeare's Macbeth a new explanation is given for Birnam Wood,  the wood that marched to Dunsinane. /*! elementor - v3.21.0 -...

The Important Role That The Royal Family Still Retains

It is often argued that the Royal family is outdated and is no longer relevant in a modern world that is run by an...

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