The Society

Welcome to the original and official Clan Cunningham Global Society. Our international society was founded in 1984 for the benefit of all, in the now distant time our clan was without a chief. Thus, our convenor wrote to the Lord Lyon King of Arms of Scotland on how best to represent our Clan and were advised to represent our Clan in a manner in which our chief would approve. Thus was born the Clan Cunningham Society of America. We retain this legal name to honour our legitimate origins and original charter from 1984, although we have been operating as the global Clan Cunningham society from our very inception, and more recently under the website. If you are seeking the foremost resource for the history of Clan Cunningham you have come to the right place. We aim to not only educate through our groundbreaking research, but also to work as a charity, to both record and protect our ancient heritage. As the home of Clan Cunningham Global, we place a high value on integrity and reliability, holding ourselves to the very highest standards. We welcome you to our clan.