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If you want to understand the history of Clan Cunningham you need to purchase this book. Through recovering the lost works of Frederic van Bossen, and analysing the ancient land records from Scotland and England a new story has emerged. Malcolm and his father Frisken were not mere farmers. They were the descendants of the Kings of Strathclyde.

The Harry Cunningham branch of the clan can be traced back 1000 years to the farmer Friskin, and 963 years ago in 1057 A.D. during a time of turmoil in Scotland, for services to King Malcom III of Scotland, the Cunningham familyÕs rise to nobility began.

The Loyal Clans By Audrey Cunningham

 • The Loyal Clans by Audrey Cunningham was originally published in 1932, this book provides a detailed account of the Scottish Highland clan system and its relationship with the development of Jacobitism. Information is provided on different clans and their relationship with various political entities and structures. This book will be of value to anyone with an interest in Scottish history and the clan system.