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Welcome to the original and official Clan Cunningham Global Society. Our international society was founded in 1984 for the benefit of all, only after careful research and advice from the only authority regarding armigerous Scottish clans without a chief. Our convenor wrote the Lord Lyon King of Arms of Scotland on how best to represent our Clan in the absence of a chief. The 15 Earls of Glencairn, and the ancestors of this direct Glencairn line, the Lords of Kilmaurs, were powerful and influential Cunningham Chiefs for nearly 700 years. We were advised to represent our Clan in a manner in which our chief would approve – which we openly and publicly aspire to do – and to name our society, the Clan Cunningham Society of America. We retain this legal name to honor our legitimate origins and original charter from 1984, although we have been operating as the global Clan Cunningham society from our very inception, and nowadays, also conduct our affairs under the dba of Clan Cunningham Global, with members residing all over the world. If you are seeking the foremost resource, and representative, for the Cunninghams of the direct Glencairn line who brought honor, esteem and prestige to that name spanning eight centuries in Scotland, you have come to the right place. As the leaders of CCG, who takes the Glencairn legacy seriously, we place a high value on integrity and reliability, holding myself and our society to high standards. Those of us of Cunningham descent are compelled to aim high, and at CCG, we consider upholding the Glencairn legacy a privilege which we endeavor to achieve in all our affairs… 

Within this site you can navigate through various stories that are linked to our clan. We publish both public articles, which cover a wide range of news events, and we also publish articles for only our members that cover the beginning of Clan Cunningham in more depth. The Membership option will hopefully be activated within the next few months, as will the link to our merchandise page.