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No. 89 Clan Cunningham, Macbeth and Duff Castle


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In this quarter’s Clan Communique we finally connect Clan Cunningham to the region surrounding Duff Castle. This study reveals that after Macbeth’s death our ancestors obtained land in the region that is linked to the events surrounding Macbeth and King Malcolm. This raises a question. Was Cunninghame really the Thanedom that Malcolm the son of Frisken received? Or did our ancestors receive the Thanedom of Strathbroc which anciently covered a large part of modern day Moray and Banffshire, and is this why we have failed to find any evidence for a large Thanedom in the region of Strathclyde. Also included in this groundbreaking study is the discovery of a second estate called Kilmaurs. This is a must read for those who are interested in the start of Clan Cunningham.

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