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Liam Cunningham and The 3 Body Problem


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I’ll try my best to not give away any of the plot, but the 3 Body Problem has now aired, and Liam Cunningham has made his first appearance.

It is a slow start, and to be honest not a lot happens. We are introduced to a bunch of scientists, we find out that physics is no-longer behaving normally, and many scientists are dying. Oh, and we appear to have a possible gateway to another world, or is it just a link to a computer game.

There is a lot of questions, but after the first episode, none of the characters have enough development to make you care if they die or not.

The acting is strong enough, and the leads really do a good job with the story they have been given, but I hope the main characters will become more three-dimensional over the next few weeks, and the plots will become more interesting.

But at this moment this is not reaching Game of Thrones level, and I just don’t see millions waiting on edge of their seats. Just now the earliest reviews of the show a massive split in the audience with almost the same number giving it a 5 and 1 star rating. We can only wait to see what happens in episode 2.

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