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No. 89 Clan Cunningham, Macbeth and Duff Castle

In this quarter's Clan Communique we finally connect Clan Cunningham to the region surrounding Duff Castle. This study reveals that after Macbeth's death our ancestors...

No. 85 The Forest that Walked: Till Byrnane Wood come to Dunsinane

In this review of Shakespeare's Macbeth a new explanation is given for Birnam Wood,  the wood that marched to Dunsinane. /*! elementor - v3.21.0 -...

Music Notes

A little bit of music by Julia Cunningham

In our new weekly clan music section we bring...

Clare Cunningham Singer and Song Writer – Debut Show

Clare Cunningham with her powerful soulful voice made her...

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Cade Cunningham – Training Through Injury?

According to Mike Curtis of The Detroit News reports, Cade Cunningham who plays point guard for Detroit Pistons...

Allow Athletes To Benefit From All Their Achievements

As we all know money is very important in American Football. The amount of money changing hands in...

Scottish Games August 2022


William Cunningham and his influence on early economic theory

The star of our article is William Cunningham, a Scotsman born in rural Edinburgh in the year 1849, the year when the...

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Clare Cunningham Singer and Song Writer – Debut Show

Clare Cunningham with her powerful soulful voice made her debut performance at the City Winery in Nashville last week. Coming from Collon in Louth...

Sophie Cunningham Talks About What Motivates Her

Sophie Elizabeth Cunningham, one of the stars of Women's Basketball was born in 1996, and has long been respected by the staff here at...

Can Malik Cunningham get into the Patriots QB spot before the cut-off?

With Malik Cunningham raising more than a few eyebrows after his standout performance, the question is can he now own one of the Patriots...

Nick Cunningham Sings ‘Down Under’ on Blind Auditions

  We at Clan Cunningham Global would like to congratulate Nick Cunningham for his soulful performance on Australian Blind Auditions.His style of singing is...
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Malik Cunningham Shows his Skills in Pre-season warm-up

After our first piece on Zach Cunningham, New England’s Patriots Malik Cunningham was making the news in their preseason match against Zach’s old team...

Eagles add Myles Jack and Zach Cunningham in one-year deals

OK we admit it. Over here at ClanCunningham.UK we don't know much about American football. With so many clan members being fans of the...

Weddings, Births & Memories November 2023

Below we have put together a list of this month’s announced marriages. If we have missed anyone, or you notice any mistakes, please let...

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