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No. 89 Clan Cunningham, Macbeth and Duff Castle

In this quarter's Clan Communique we finally connect Clan Cunningham to the region surrounding Duff Castle. This study reveals that after Macbeth's death our ancestors...

No. 85 The Forest that Walked: Till Byrnane Wood come to Dunsinane

In this review of Shakespeare's Macbeth a new explanation is given for Birnam Wood,  the wood that marched to Dunsinane. /*! elementor - v3.21.0 -...

Music Notes

A little bit of music by Julia Cunningham

In our new weekly clan music section we bring...

Clare Cunningham Singer and Song Writer – Debut Show

Clare Cunningham with her powerful soulful voice made her...

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Cade Cunningham – Training Through Injury?

According to Mike Curtis of The Detroit News reports, Cade Cunningham who plays point guard for Detroit Pistons...

Allow Athletes To Benefit From All Their Achievements

As we all know money is very important in American Football. The amount of money changing hands in...

Scottish Games August 2022


William Cunningham and his influence on early economic theory

The star of our article is William Cunningham, a Scotsman born in rural Edinburgh in the year 1849, the year when the...

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Clan Communique – 2016 10 15 Vol 1 Issue 61 Potential Links to the Kings of Sweden

In this study, Dr. Derek Cunningham had still not recovered the then lost documents of Frederic van Bossen, the historian who wrote the account...

Clan Communique – 2016 1 15 Vol 1 Issue 58 International letters to the Editor

In this Clan Communique there are three articles. The first discusses a letter by James Davidson, who shares with us a poem he wrote....

Clan Communique – 2015 1 15 Vol 1 Issue 54 A Domesday Book study of Land linked to Clan Cunningham

This Clan Article was published before we recovered the papers of Frederic van Bossen, and like many prior historical reviews, it was assumed that...

Clan Communique – 2015 1 15 Vol 1 Issue 54 Possible origins of the name Warnebald

In this early 2015  review, which was prior to the discovery of the lost documents of Frederic Van Bossen, Dr. Derek Cunningham used the...
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Clan Communique – 2014 7 15 Vol 1 Issue 52 Prince Malcolm, the Tale of Havelok and The Saga of Burnt Njal

In this review, Dr. Derek Cunningham analyses the names from three ancient tales to link together the Vikings with the ancient Kingdoms of Strathclyde...

Clan Communique – 2014 1 14 Vol 1 Issue 50 The Cunninghams of Barns Part II

In this review Dr. Derek Cunningham looks at the confusion surrounding the Earldom of Carrick held by the de bruce family and a second...

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